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Making Altar Breads

Do you pray all day?

That is the common question we are asked, and some don't ask but we feel that is what they want to know.

Yes and No. Yes our life is that of prayer and No, we have to work to earn our living just like every one else. We have specific times for prayer and work. See our timetable.

Our main source of income is from Baking Altar Breads.

Work is done in Silence & Solitude.

The ingredients for Altar Bread making are only the mixture of wheaten flour and water.

Two iron machines, heated bake them.

Humidifier room where they are kept before they are ready to be cut.

The cooked Plaques are then put in the humidifier to soften so that they can be cut neatly without cracking.

The Cutting of Altar Breads, is done by a machine which has a sharp round blade.

Small round blade for usual size altar bread.

The blades are in different sizes.

 About 80+ Plaques are put together and the blade cuts through them.

The hosts are then sorted, dried and ready for weighing and packing.

They are sold by our friends at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

This is how we earn our living.