Extern Sisters

If the Chapter of the Monastery so decides, there may be Extern Sisters who, while belonging completely to the Order of Discalced Carmelites Nuns, find their vocation in the extern service of the Monastery in order to allow the nuns to live their contemplative way of life.

Extern Sisters are called by God through their Profession of the religious vows to consecrate themselves totally to the Lord and join the Teresian Carmel, whose charism they share.
Cf. OCD Constitutions




It is true that each member of a Community SERVES the whole Community by the faithful carrying out of the tasks given.

An Extern Sister is called by a special vocation within the Community, to serve the Community in a special way "in order to allow the Teresian Community to maintain an entirely contemplative way of life" (Extern Stat. 2002).

For me this word SERVICE is a very beautiful word and speaks of love. Service without love is a slavery in the servile sense of the word, and that is not what Religious Life is meant to be. If love motivates our actions then we can tackle anything!

When speaking of Formation our Statutes mention particular qualities - "giving Gospel welcome in the name of the Community," "prudence and discretion in dealing with people and relationship with the cloister sisters," "the witness of Faith and the Teresian contemplative life," and fidelity to their office."

We follow the same Rule and Constitutions as the Nuns, therefore our Spirit is the same as that of the Nuns but expressed in a different way in that we are not enclosed but have more direct contact with the people and duties further afield - going shopping for example.

As for every Carmelite our day is lived in the company of Jesus. Of course this is so for all Religious for unless this is so we work in vain.