Mother Mary of Carmel

The founding Prioress of Auckland Carmel was the first of its members to die. However she was in her eightieth year and the fiftieth of her Religious Profession having lived a long and faithful life as a Carmelite. Ellen was born at Lochinvar, Australia on September 4, 1865, of Irish parents, Patrick and Ellen Glasheen.
She entered the Sydney Carmel on September 7, 1890 and remained there until 1937. Two younger sisters were also called to the Religious life; one of them joined her in Sydney Carmel and became the founding Prioress - Mother Mary of the Cross - of Brisbane Carmel.
After having served the Auckland Carmelite Community for two terms as Prioress, Mother Mary of Carmel had a sudden stroke on June 6, 1945 and died at the Monastery on the following Sunday evening, June 10, 1945. Simplicity and humility were the qualities in her that other people especially noticed.