Remembering Our Sisters

Like the ancient New Zealand tree fern, the Ponga - 'As one frond dies, so a new frond unfurls', - the Community in Auckland Carmel has grown, and as older members have been called Home to the Lord, new members have entered the Monastery. Our deceased Sisters are buried in Panmure Catholic Cemetery. A brief account of their lives follows.

Mother Mary of Carmel

Mother Mary of St. Joseph

Sister Mary Catherine Teresa of the Trinity

Sister Angelina of the Cross

Sister Catherine of the Infant Jesus

Sister Madeleine of St. Joseph

Sister Monica Beatrice of St. Albert

Sister Ethna Mary of the Trinity

Sister Teresa of St. Joseph

Sister Canisius of the Holy Spirit

Sister Bernadette of the Mother of God

Sister Paulina of Jesus (Fijian)

Sister Mary of Carmel

Sister Mary Joyce of the Cross










May all our dear deceased Sisters rest in the peace and joy of Our Lord, Jesus Christ together with our Lady and all the Saints. Amen.