Sister Bernadette of the Mother of God

Ronalda Bernadette Marlow was the younger of two children born to Eileen and Ronald Marlow. She was born July 30, 1930 in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 1946 the family moved to Dargaville, - 120 miles north of Auckland - where Ronald took up the position of Bank Manager. Bernadette began work also at the Bank and was a member of the Legion of Mary. Gradually she became aware of the call to Religious life in Carmel and began to correspond with the Prioress at Auckland Carmel. She entered this Monastery on April 16, 1950 and made her Profession on All saints Day, November 1, 1951. Sr. Bernadette was very conscientious, gladly ready to help any Sister and to do the heavy and tedious work in the house. She served the Community for several terms as Prioress and was for many years a member of the Community Council. Always reliable and dependable, Sr. Bernadette had an even temperament, simplicity, humour and true humility. In 1998 she was found to have cancer and after receiving treatment was given about one year to live, she got on with life. Shortly after Easter 2000, her condition began to deteriorate and her final weeks were spent in St. Joseph's Hospice, Mercy Hospital where she died on June 23, 2000.