Sister Ethna Mary of the Trinity

Olive Ethna Burgess, the eldest of six children was born on March 15, to Richard and Abigail Burgess in Woodville, New Zealand. After completing her schooling at Seddon Technical College, Auckland, Ethna worked at a big city emporium and lived with her parents and family in Onehunga until she entered Carmel at the age of twenty-nine. Just six months after the Carmelite Nuns arrived in Auckland Ethna joined them on August 14, 1937 and made her Profession of Vows on March 31, 1939. She received the name Sr. Mary of the Trinity and generously gave herself to the life of the Community sharing its poverty and hardships. Over many years Sister cut millions of Altar breads with quiet regularity, accuracy and speed. Her hand-made prayer cards were received with gratitude and appreciation by many people. At recreation Sister was a gifted story-teller. About five years before her death Sister Mary of the Trinity was found to have cancer. She bravely endured sickness and pain and remained quietly grateful for all that was done to help her. She died peacefully on November 17, 1982 and her Funeral and Burial followed two days later.