Sister Monica Beatrice of St. Albert

Monica Casey was born in Melbourne on March 6, 1907. She was the youngest of six children born to William and Mary Anne (Lawrie) Casey. After having trained as a teacher she planned to enter the Congregation of Faithful Companions of Jesus, with whom she had been educated. However Monica and her sister Kathleen were called to be Carmelites. They entered Melbourne Carmel on January 31, 1932. They made their Profession on September 24, 1933. When help was needed in Auckland Carmel Sister Beatrice volunteered and came to Auckland in May 1946. (Kathleen, who was named Sister Teresa of St. Joseph, had transferred to Auckland Carmel in 1944.) Sister Beatrice was sacristan and fulfilled her duties with unfailing devotion and quiet competence. On May 13, 1981 - memorable on account of the attempted assignation of Pope John Paul - Sister Beatrice had a severe stroke. She died peacefully in the Monastery on March 31, 1982.