Sr Elizabeth of the Trinity OCD (R.I.P)

At School I always wanted to live my faith, it was my deepest treasure. When I found out about Carmelite life it was the prayer life that I wanted. It doesn't mean we spend all day on our knees, we have to be practical. I love prayer and to think that we can speak to Him, the thought of God fascinated me, the words from the Acts, "In Him we live and move and have our being" delighted me and also many other parts in the Epistles. We have to grow in our Faith, ponder what it means, Our Lord and Our Lady in our life. I love truth and reality and was not attracted to a sentimental piety. I had many faults of character and could have gone the other way but always the thought that God sees all and knows all kept me from following that way. I choose God. If there was no God then there would be nothing else, there is no such thing as spontaneous generation.

I realised that I would not be able to live the life of complete silence. After entering Carmel I found God everywhere no matter what work I was given to do, I found it a joy and always tried to do my best. Carmel is not an escape from responsibility, we develop our gifts and talents as an adult. We put the same care into community things as we would if we were in our own home.

I love the Divine Office since we are praising God and sharing in Our Lord's prayer in union with His intentions and also Our Lady's prayer life, too.
Sr. Elizabeth of the Trinity OCD

Sr. Elizabeth wearing a crown of roses on her Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession, 14th Nov.'97
With Srs. Mary of Carmel, Teresa Margaret and Mary Joyce.

May she rest in peace.